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Action Learning Plus

Wholistic Learning Consortium

Colin Koh

DPhil,  MIB,  MM   



Certified Master Coach 

EMBA(Taiji) Master

Adjunct Consultant and Trainer – Wholistic Learning





Colin Koh is the President of the Continuing Professional Development Association and Founder member of Wholistic Learning Consortium. He is also the Immediate Past Chairman of the Singapore Professional Centre.    


He has recently completed his Executive Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology and Management of Human Resources from Baruch College, The City University of New York in May 2012.


He is a Certified Master Coach and was personally coached by Dr Skiffington. Dr Skiffington is recognized as the world's leading authority and educator in behavioral-based, professional leadership coaching.  Colin Koh spent 6 years (2005 to 2010), ‘sparring’ with Dr KC Chan, who was mentored by IMC Chancellor Baron Prestoungrange, (Professor Gordon Wills) on application of Action Learning for Professional Development of Executives leading to his completion of his Doctor of Philosophy in research for Action Learning. Colin Koh also holds a Master Degree in International Business (University of Technology, Sydney) and a Master Degree in Management (University of Canberra).  


A Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) practitioner and a EMBA (Taiji) Master, Colin Koh has created a unique Holistic Optimization Transformation program, by integrating the essence of NLP, EMBA (Taiji) and Action Learning, to help Executives in their Personal and Professional Development.   


Colin Koh is also conversant in Internet marketing, learning from industry gurus and acquired certification in Advance Google Adword Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Advance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing and Ebay Marketing. 


Colin Koh has worked with Non-Profit Organizations for many years and a strong promoter of LifeLong Learning for Personal and Professional Development.   


An experienced speaker, coach and trainer, Colin Koh is experienced in coaching groups and individuals for performance improvement through Action Learning. He has conducted many talks and workshops for PMETs since 2001 and an adjunct lecturer for diploma, Bachelor degree and Master degree program. He is also a faculty member of UK’s International Management Centre (IMC), for the global doctoral program.